Our mission at Co van Kessel Bangkok Tours is to provide our guests with a singularly unique travel experience in Bangkok. Operating for over 30 years we are an acknowledged Bangkok expert and have developed a sense of what our visitors are looking for. Our carefully selected partners offer unique experiences to complement your Bangkok trip.


Stay connected during your travels with a Dtac Tourist sim. Enjoy 8-days of unlimited internet from which 6 GB at max speed. Navigate Google Maps, stay in contact with your bicycle tour operator and update your friend & family back home during your stay in Thailand.



A hotel nearby the Co van Kessel office is a convenient way to get to your bicycle tour without possible big delays. All of these hand-picked hotels are conveniently located and within 15 minutes walk. View all nearby hotels>>


Bangkok’s host a variety of interesting shows if you are a show aficionado. Shows specifically designed to dive deeper into Thai culture.  Learn about Thailand’s long history or see where Muay Thai comes from. View all shows >>


There is much to explore in the vicinity of Thailand’s capital. The ruins of the historical city of Ayyuthaya are no more than 80 kilometers way. into Thai culture.  View all day trips >>


Private transportation by road is a convenient and flexible way to travel to Bangkok’s popular nearby destination. All cars and minivans come with air conditioning and a private driver to bring you from your hotel in Bangkok to your desired destination.

View all transport possibilities >>