The Co van Kessel “Cycle to school” project began in 2009 as a way to spread the spirit of cycling in Thailand through the donation of bicycles to underprivileged children in rural communities.

When Co first had the opportunity to visit the Thai countryside that year, he discovered that the youth in small villages often had to walk large distances to school.

Clearly, the difficulty for young children to make their way to school also translates to tardiness and absenteeism in an area of the country where obstacles to a good education are already too many.

As a company, Co van Kessel Bangkok tours gives back to both local and rural communities that can use additional support.

Next to the continuous support to areas in the Nakhon Phanom area, Co van Kessel Bangkok Tours donates 100% of the profit of Co van Kessel merchandise to the Cycle to School project in different villages in the Nakhon Phanom area.

Your cap won’t only look good, but will also contributes to the life of some of the less fortunate in Thailand!