New GRAB-taxi users

New GRAB-taxi users

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GRAB-Taxi is de biggest ride-hailing App in South-East-Asia and works just like Apps like Uber. Simply choose where you want to be picked-up and want to go to and the app will assign you a driver.

– The Grab App will calculate or estimates the price.  There’s no need for negotiating with the driver.
– The driver will know exactly where you want to go to.
– Drivers receive ratings and reviews making it more transparent and safe.

GRAB is not only available in Bangkok but throughout the most of Thailand and South East Asia.

Grab lets you pay in CASH with your driver.  There is not need to connect your credit-card to your account.
Starting with GRAB is easy
1. Create a GRAB-account here. Your phone-number and/or email-address is sufficient.
2. Download the App in the App Store or Google Play Store
3. Order a taxi
4. Pay driver in CASH
5. Rate your driverThe App is available in the App Store and Google Play Store.  Creating an account is simple and you don’t need much more than a phone-number and/or your e-mail. There’s no need to attach a credit-card or other payment method as drivers can be paid in cash.

See also our tips on taking a regular metered-taxi in Bangkok, explained by Nina in below’s short video:


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