Thai law requires telecom providers to register SIM-Cards to the NBTC for both Thai nationals as visitors.  This is done to identify ownership and prevent fraud from the use of mobile phone for illegal purposes while promoting safety and happiness in society and won’t be accessed for other purposes.

For more information and requirements see below.


    Please enter your details and order-number in order to register your SIM-card accordingly.


    Thai law requires telecom providers and re-sellers to register all SIM-Cards to the NBTC since 2015 to identify ownership and prevent fraud while promoting safety and happiness. For instructions, requirements and tips on how to upload a copy of your passport or ID please see below.

    If an order has multiple SIM-cards, all SIM-cards will be registered with the information entered below.

    Passport / ID Scan

    ID Scan must be one of the following in JPG, GIF, PDF or PNG format:

    • ID-Card
    • Passport

    Watermarks are acceptable and certain numbers can be crossed out.  It’s also allowed to write down ”Copy for Thai SIM-Card registration”.  However the following fields need to be clearly visible in order to get registered:

    • picture
    • date of birth
    • expiration date
    • passport / ID number
    • full name
    • issuance date